#ChillazFamily 20th Years

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A milestone is the confirmation that the dream that prompted us to start the journey is actually a vision and in the end this becomes only the beginning of a new and greater adventure.

This year Chillaz’s friends celebrate 20 years of business. Personally I started my adventure with the company in 2009, Sabrina Krammer was the team manager, an excellent feeling was immediately created, which continued with all the guys who have alternated over the years, up to David Wilhelm, which today has received the inheritance.

Twenty years are a good springboard for any new project and I wish all the Chillaz staff to continue their journey in the best possible way.

As often happens in large families, everyone feels involved in the event. I too have always felt part of the group, a team that over the years has always believed in and supported all my projects. For this reason and for the occasion, I thought of creating a new sector, to write and sanction the phrase on the hard rock: to be continued! In fact, like in the most popular films or novels, at the end of each chapter and even when the story seems to be over, there is always room for something that comes later and you place yourself on a nice … Continue!

The works of bolting

That’s why I thought that a new sector would be the most appropriate way to give and make a mark. A new sector is like a legacy, a place available to the community of climbers, where you can carry out a project, an idea or simply spend a day climbing, in an incredible place like the San Nicolò Canyon.

The new sector is ready and will be called #ChlillazFamily 20th Years

TopoCARD New Climbing Sector

As one might expect on these occasions, what has come out is a peculiarity of its kind. Of the nine total routes, 6 reach 40 meters in height, so to be able to climb them you need 80 meters of rope, without discounts or shortcuts, because they are all needed.

Long and demanding routes, not for the grade (this is quite contained, the most difficult route reaches 7a), but for the management of the meters to climb, in the different styles and in the continuous change of rock.

Ascent of the “Andrea the joy” route

This sector also contains other qualities, in fact the name #ChlillazFamily 20th Years fits perfectly, also due to the positive energy that even before being realized it managed to transmit. The material used came from the generosity of some climbers, who have integrated donating platelets, fix and chains … right in the family atmosphere, where everyone tends a hand.

A job that, despite being very tiring due to the complexity of the bolting, I carried out with enthusiasm, always with the tireless Barbara at my side, who on this occasion showed a very high level of strength and determination.

The result is a sector with many peculiarities. Plates, overhangs, dihedrals, boulders, notches and psycho exposures, are just some of the styles that can be tackled to climb these routes and sometimes many of these are also present in the same route.

For example, in the 40 meters of rock that lead to the “20th Years” belay, this changes several times. It starts with a slightly overhanging notched wall, then passes over a smooth dihedral to be tackled in a split, and then continues on an oblique dihedral that proceeds diagonally and overhanging, where it is necessary to tackle a non-trivial inclined boulder, for a split finish on a closed dihedral up to the belay, all seasoned with exposure and height, which continually leads us to have a view of our companion safely, under and between our legs. An exciting and satisfying route, to be absolutely tried.

Ascent of the route “20th Years”

With Barbara we have created this sector with determination and commitment, as required.

The #ChlillazFamily 20th Years sector is available to the climbers community, from today and for many years to come, a hope that we also extend to the Chillaz staff.

Good climbing to all!

It is necessary and not obvious gratitude for the support from sponsors who support my initiatives (link to company web space):

AT Sardinia – Chillaz – Zamberlan – Peter BOULDERING – proAction

Topos all sector west side of the canyon

Special thanks to those who contributed to the creation of the sector, providing part of the material necessary for the Bolting:
Emma Carturan, Bianca Damiani, Furio Carturan, Alessio Garau e Pietro Limone.

In addition to demonstrating that the commercial activities in the area are present and attentive, I add to thanks Anna, owner of the Passione in Verticale shop (of Domusnovas), who has contributed by providing the necessary equipment for the realization of the project.

Translation for English version by Sebastian Mocci

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